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  • The Art of Networking

  • Cross Cultural Communication

Have you ever wondered about certain individuals who possess a quality that makes bosses hire, then promote them, a quality that keeps clients coming back-a quality that makes customers buy from them and not from the competition? These are the same individuals that seem to chat effortlessly in business social situations, have a large and loyal network, and are highly spoken of by everyone they come across. How well individuals read and understand others and conduct themselves in a variety of situations, is the cornerstone of success.

The training programmes, developed by Refine Consulting, take these factors into account. Interactions within and across cultures are covered in detail and in a lively, interesting way. In today’s complex business world, where people are often faceless and nameless, the skills, tools and insights gained from this training will give you the confidence to be the master of every situation and more importantly, will make you stand out from the crowd.