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Dealing with Difficult Situations and People

Every successful business realizes that the way forward is to retain existing customers. A very important aspect  is its approach to dealing with its customers. Putting customers at the centre of all activities is an integral part of business success. When you are given negative feedback by a customer, recognize that you may have an opportunity to actually strengthen the relationship. Dealing with complaints and negative feedback in the correct manner, gives you the opportunity to retain the customer as well as gain useful feedback to improve your business. On another level, being a customer-focused organisation means ensuring that all activities relating to one’s business are built around the customer, and that every staff member within the business understands and shares the same vision. Only then can a company deliver continuous customer satisfaction and experience good customer relations.

This workshop is also an interactive session in which principles and skills are developed through discussion of practical examples of difficult situations experienced by the participants in their work environment. This topic enables staff to deal with difficult situations at the beginning of a problem, rather than procrastinate in the hope that the problem will go away.