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Building your brand- Enhancing Image

 The personnel of a Company are its most valuable and visible asset. Projecting a positive, professional and approachable image is important at a personal level as well as at a corporate level. While subject matter expertise, business etiquette, customer relations and cross-cultural communication are core competencies that matter to the individual and the organisation, it is no secret that people form an impression of each other within the first few seconds of meeting. Understanding the principles of good grooming can help staff members feel more confident, while allowing them to develop their own style, within acceptable parameters. Well-presented staff members demonstrate that they care about themselves and that they will care about the client.

Image is often perceived as part of ones’ personality, to be expressed in an individual way. This session will deal with this issue of corporate and personal branding with sensitivity. Participants will see why image matters to them on a personal as well as at a corporate level.