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Archive for August 2011

What is your desk saying about you?

Is your personal space in the office adorned with fluffy toys? Last year’s Christmas cards? Do you have three pairs of shoes peeking out from under your desk? Hand creams, body lotions, half eaten packets of crisps, half dead plants lurking about? Is your deck covered in bits of […]

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Avoid being the subject of “personal feedback”

Everyone has a story like this. The colleague who wolfs down his lunch, talking as he/she eats, spraying everyone with bits of food. The colleague who had terrible body odour. The colleague who would turn up for client meetings smelling as he/she had eaten handfuls of garlic for […]

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The Office party – SCMP Interview

Think before you drink. By Lau Kit-wai After drinking a few glasses of red wine, young executives having fun at an office Christmas party may commit indiscretions such as getting too emotional or telling their bosses what they really think of them. Alice Kaushal, an expert in […]

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Cross Cultural insights – SCMP Interview

Knowledge stops culture clash By Remo Notarianni Effective cross-cultural understanding is essential when conducting business in a city as cosmopolitan as Hong Kong. “Because of Hong Kong’s history as a trade port, its workforce has probably been exposed to international influences more than many other places in […]

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Top 10 Dining Etiquette Tips

The top 10 Dining Etiquette tips   Table manners stand out as the single most important benchmark of etiquette. The reality is this- probably because of the proximity to each other, people seem to notice mistakes made at the table much more critically than they do in […]

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