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Thoughts on friendship

“I don’t know what is happening in your life, I can’t empathise with you on that point, but I can assure you that you are my mate and I will stay absolutely rock solid with you.” ~ Australian Army Chief David Morrison to Lieutenant Colonel Malcolm McGregor […]

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Get great at being a “connector”

An interesting question raised by someone who attended a recent “Networking” seminar of mine. I thought I would share it……. all names changed for privacy :-). “Basically, I’m trying to get two persons to meet. If you remember, one of the  other students in Part 2 of […]

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The Office party – SCMP Interview

Think before you drink. By Lau Kit-wai After drinking a few glasses of red wine, young executives having fun at an office Christmas party may commit indiscretions such as getting too emotional or telling their bosses what they really think of them. Alice Kaushal, an expert in […]

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Lost opportunities

Yesterday, I said goodbye to a friend of mine who is leaving Hong Kong for Australia. I met Susan in 2007, and I was immediately struck by her sense of fun, her wonderful values and her sense of adventure. We thoroughly enjoyed each others company. But, get […]

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Media Coverage of My Speaking at SCMP Career Building Seminar

On 21 September 2010,  Jane Horan  and I spoke to some 200 plus audience in the Career Buildig Seminar organised SCMP, sponsored by us at Speakers Connect and BlackBerry.  Below is the coverage at SCMP Classified Post.    Benefits of positive politics Mention office politics and thoughts often turn to behind-the-scenes manipulation […]

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Speaking at SCMP Career Building Seminar on Networking

A few snapshots of me and Jane Horan speaking at SCMP Career Building Seminar on 21 Sep 2010, “How to Influence Your Way to the Top”. The event attracted some 200 attendance (despite the rain and the holiday mood…) and got tremendous feedback! Alice speaking on the Why and How of networking […]

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Interviewed by SCMP Classfied Post on Businss Social Etiquette

I was delighted to be interviewed by SCMP Classified Post on “How to Influence Your Way to the Top”. Below is the article In building a successful career, academic and professional qualifications are recognised as important fundamentals. But communication skills, networking competence and how to influence others can […]

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Etiquette Q&A: How does one get out of a boring conversation politely?

Here are a few tricks on how to get out of a boring converation politely. “The Handoff”- you hail a friend/ colleague, make the introduction, get them talking and then excuse yourself. Trouble is, you have to avoid the friend for a week. “The drink refill”- you […]

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