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How to make your customers stick to you like glue

This one is for you, Singapore Airlines. And you, Virgin Australia.

When things go wrong, as they always do, as a service provider, you have the perfect opportunity to create a raving fan by choosing your response. Because within each customer lurks the secret, unexpressed fear -” What happens if things go wrong”. In the automobile industry, it is commonly said that the salesman sells first car, the service centre sells the next four. So true.

So when a service provider apologises, acknowledges the inconvenience/ stress caused, tries to fix things, tries to compensate you- a relationship of trust is established. And when that service provider puts a name on an apology letter, an address that you can respond to, a PHONE NUMBER even, you are SOLD. Absolute putty in their hands. You then know that you, the customer, will be looked after even when the going is tough. And you go back, again and again and again.

For those of you who are interested , check out the letter I received from Singapore airlines. Am I a raving fan of both these airlines? Oh YESSSSS!!

“Dear Ms Kaushal

Thank you for your patience while we investigated with Virgin Australia.

They had shared that they are very sorry for your experience and they were
concerned that their ground staff had not offered the necessary assistance with
your hotel accommodation after the delay on SQ6671/1 July 2015. They had
related your feedback to their Ground Operations team for their internal review
and investigations.

Virgin Australia will be assisting in the reimbursement of your hotel
accommodation and had advised us that they write to you directly on this
matter. Please let us know should you not receive a response from them after 2

Separately, we are heartened to learn that you were pleased with the service of
our crew members and especially, Bee. We are committed to the highest standards
in service and believe strongly that our people are the differentiating factor.
We hope the professional standards you received from our crew members, make for
fond memories of your time with us. Your kind words had been forwarded to our
Cabin Crew Performance Manager who will convey them to the crew concerned. We
are certain that this will motivate them to keep up their good work.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service, Ms Kaushal. We hope for the
privilege of welcoming you back on our flights soon.

Yours sincerely

Customer Affairs Manager
Singapore Airlines Limited
Tel: +(************)

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