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Archive for July 2015

A little preparation goes a long way

An American businessman of Indian origin was travelling through Asia and the Sub-continent. He was accompanied by his team of Caucasian colleagues, all junior to him. He told me that at every single meeting he attended, the Asians/ Indians from the companies that he was visiting would […]

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How to make your customers stick to you like glue

This one is for you, Singapore Airlines. And you, Virgin Australia. When things go wrong, as they always do, as a service provider, you have the perfect opportunity to create a raving fan by choosing your response. Because within each customer lurks the secret, unexpressed fear -” […]

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How to drive your customers away

This one is for you, Qantas. 1. Make yourself inaccessible ( Good luck trying to speak to an actual, living,breathing person). And if our call is that important to you, pick it up. Quickly! Don’t make us wait endlessly listening to pre- recorded messages telling us how […]

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Making your customer feel “seen”

How rare, how refreshing to be SEEN, to be treated as an individual by a service provider. While most organizations claim to treat their customers as individuals, most of the time they are just paying lip service to the idea. I recently stayed at the Taj Vivanta […]

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