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Making your customer feel “seen”


How rare, how refreshing to be SEEN, to be treated as an individual by a service provider. While most organizations claim to treat their customers as individuals, most of the time they are just paying lip service to the idea.
I recently stayed at the Taj Vivanta in Mumbai. The house keeper engaged me in conversation and displayed enough interest to ask me questions through which he managed to establish that I was was missing my dog while travelling.
Lo and behold, every night when I got back to the hotel- sitting on the bed would be a dog made out of towels! I was there for three days, and each day I found a different type of dog. When one travels a lot on work, it’s a rare thing to want to rush back to the hotel- but I did, just to see what type of dog the house keeper had made that day for me.

Did I feel special? Yes! Will I go back to the Taj Vivanta? A resounding yes! And all because one of their staff had taken the extra trouble to make a lonely travellor feel seen and heard.

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