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“Angels of your evolution”

We all have or have had difficult people in our lives – the colleague who withholds information, the manipulative boss, and the boyfriend who could never be relied upon.…. All of us have our own particular nemesis.

Something that I read recently resonated with me deeply, and I wanted to share it with you. The author is Robin Sharma, the book “The Greatness Guide, Vol 2”. In it, Robin Sharma talks about “Angels of your Evolution”.  “Everyone who is causing you stress in your life might just be an angel of sorts. They might be carrying the lessons that you most need to learn to get to your next level of greatness”

In my case, my most difficult person is out of my life, relegated to history. What did I learn from him? That I had to  speak up for myself, that I could handle a situation like this (and get through it) and  most importantly, he taught me what I was never going to allow myself to become.

So…. he was my greatest teacher.

My question to you- what lessons will you choose to learn from your difficult person?

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