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Lost opportunities

Yesterday, I said goodbye to a friend of mine who is leaving Hong Kong for Australia. I met Susan in 2007, and I was immediately struck by her sense of fun, her wonderful values and her sense of adventure. We thoroughly enjoyed each others company. But, get this- in these four years, we have managed to meet each other four times. This is what Hong Kong does- we all get busy, we travel and then time goes by … and someone leaves.

As I said goodbye, I was struck by a sense of regret, and I know that it was mutual. I wish I had spent more time with her.

So, if you are reading this, pick up the phone, call someone whose company you enjoy, and arrange to meet. Time goes by before you know it…. and there are many wonderful relationships out there dying for lack of attention.

And Susan, when the world throws us together again- I won’t be so wasteful of the opportunity. I wish you much happiness in your new chapter.

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