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Respond ….. Quickly

This post is prompted by by the situation that I am in at the moment. Waiting…. In this case for a tradesperson to respond to a complaint. It has taken nearly a month to get a response to a matter that was (iniatially) easily fixable. His response -when I finally got hold of him- ” I was following up with my contractor, and was waiting for a response from him, so did not get back you to because I had no news”
Wrong! Respond quickly, even it is to tell the person waiting that there is no news. Because the situation escalates with every minute of silence. When you keep people waiting for a thank you, for a response to an application, for a phone call- you erode good will. So when you finally get around to action, you might as well not have bothered, and in the case of a complaint, you have created an even bigger problem for yourself.

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