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Speaking at SCMP Career Building Seminar on Networking

A few snapshots of me and Jane Horan speaking at SCMP Career Building Seminar on 21 Sep 2010, “How to Influence Your Way to the Top”. The event attracted some 200 attendance (despite the rain and the holiday mood…) and got tremendous feedback!

Alice speaking on the Why and How of networking

Alice Kaushal

Build the relationships before you need them.  When in doubt, always act from generousity .
~ Alice Kaushal

Jane speaking on positive politics

When I mention politics, many people has a negative conotation.  Instead of acting from a calculated way, understanding positive politics is tremendously important for you to advance to the next level.
~ Jane Horan

Stanley Suen of SCMP Classified Post opened the workshop

1/3 of audience here…


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